Journal 7

“Asking for help”


This week I ran into a whole heap of problems, or should I say design related headaches that made me squeeze my forehead! At this point, I’m working on three different projects for three different clients and the due dates seem to be right around the corner. Usually, for school projects I handle pressure real good, to be honest I procrastinate a lot, but always get the work done! But my clients are professionals, and I’ve maintained a great relationship with them since our introduction and I don’t want to lose that. My eagerness to go above and beyond is at its all time high. The problem is, I wouldn’t call myself a master at all the design programs, so I end up having to ask for help a lot. My design team is always eager to help, but sometimes I forget that there is a team and I panic when I can’t figure something out. Faculty Commons makes it easy to know just who to go to for a specific problem. Kevin for example is great at coding, infant, he calls himself the “Web Master” and has a sign on the wall that says “Keep Calm And Call Kevin”. William is great to call for Illustrator issues, he knows all the tools and shortcuts that can get the job done in a few steps. Marlon is like an art director, I usually go to him when I’m finished and want final critiques. Arianna and Mandy help me with just everything! The design team communicates through an app called GroupMe, this is where we talk outside of work. Asking for help is always necessary for designers because we don’t always know everything, so there is always room for improvement.