City Tech Research Conference

“School of Arts & Sciences Newsletter”


After months of hard work redesigning the Newsletter for the School of Arts & Sciences, I was given the opportunity to briefly speak about my experience and the process throughout. This was the first time I had to present my work to people I have never met but some of who had prior knowledge of me because my client (Giovanni Ossola) spoke about me throughout the whole working process. I guess I should have expected people to know that a student from the Faculty Commons Design Team was responsible for such great work (Me bragging). Anyway, I was greeted by a few professors who expressed their appreciation for my work but most of all I was formally introduced to Dean Justin Vazquez-Poritz who wrote about me in the Dean’s Message section of the Newsletter. Although I was a little nervous to speak, I was confident in my presentation, my slides were funny, and I expressed deep feelings for my client and design team for the work that they’ve done. One intriguing part of my presentation was the Q&A section at the end. A few people asked reaallllllllllllly great questions that made me think and some of which Professor Ossola had to answer for me. One professor who didn’t have a question per se, expressed his vision of the future Newsletter and how my work would transcend into longterm success with the trademark and historic icons I designed (I know! He actually said that!). Overall, the feeling to finally be over with a project as big as this felt relaxing and allowed me to finally breath. I’m honored to have worked with the School of Arts & Sciences and I wish them all the best in the future.