Blog Review

“Jean Jullien”


Jean Jullien’s blog is very fascinating. It is simple and straight forward. His artwork is playful,¬†and his characters portray real people, celebrities and made up characters. What I like about this blog is that, each piece has the artists personal stye. This artist is playful and really knows how to capture the audiences eyes. Each piece has a way of making you stare deeply at it. I find this blog really inspiring, and I followed Jean on Instagram.

“The Powerhouse Arena”


The Powerhouse Arena has a great site that displays their books. The book selection is quite impressive, from kids books, to cook books, to non-fiction and fiction, to art books. I like that they even have signed copies of books sold for a higher prize. They do exhibitions events and book signings too. I like this place a lot and I will definitely visit, even apply to a job or internship.