Journal 3

“Work Place”


The office is pretty straightforward, there are 9 small offices, a conference room, a meeting area, a supply room, 2 small cubicles, a front desk and the Design Team work station that has two iMac computers. Everyone stays in their respective areas to do their own work, while at the same time walking around and working with each other or just to say hello. The environment is for the most part is warm and easy going, at times, there are meetings in the meeting area or conference room that makes the environment a bit more professional and quiet. Everyone dresses business casual; a dress shirt, maybe a sweater, jeans and shoes. I usually dress this way throughout the week at school anyway. Everyone for the most part looks like they are important. I only work at the internship on two days, Mondays (9am-11am) and Tuesdays (9am-5pm). On Mondays I go to class after my internship, and on Tuesdays I work all day where I get an hour break. I don’t usually go out for lunch, the design team members usually order food. So during lunch time we pretty much sit around and continue to do our work or we take a break and wait for our lunch to arrive. The days are usually productive, yet relaxing. Our supervisor, Professor Jordan, always encourages us to be relaxed but to keep in mind that work needs to be done.