Journal 1

“Faculty Commons Design Team”


Faculty Commons is a center for teacher, learning, scholarship and service coordinates all professional development, grants and assessment activities of faculty at New York City College of Technology. The Design Team at Faculty Commons is responsible for the work that is produced for the school’s faculty. The team has 14 current members including myself. The office is filled with vibrant and fun people who all work together for the benefit of both faculty and students. Faculty Commons is located here at City Tech in room N227. Faculty Commons is operated by Professor Julia Jordan; she is the supervisor of the Design Team. Faculty Commons works together with the AIR (Assessment & Institutional Research), Sponsored Programs, the City Tech Library, OpenLab, FYP (First Year Learning), iTEC, Gen Ed (General Education at City Tech) and many more clients. Some of the things we do here are, designing posters for events, update calendars and websites, cards, we also work on branding for specific departments. Faculty Commons has been publishing a a quarterly newsletter called the “Nucleus” since 2009. So far, 18 of them have been published. What the quarterly does is showcases creative and scholarly faculty initiatives at City Tech undertaken through the Faculty Commons.