Journal 5

“A Proud Designer”


There is a time in a designers life where they hope to be noticed by other designers for the work that they do. Throughout college we go through phases where we are acknowledged by a professor or even a student about what they like about our work. But completing a class project doesn’t always make us feel proud. What i’ve noticed throughout my internship is that the work that are being produced are serious and important to not only one person but for maybe hundreds of people. That alone revs my creative engines and allows me to take my work extremely serious. Here at Faculty Commons are walls with most if not all of the work that was produced by past and present designers. All around the office are records of the work that students can feel proud of. There are paintings, book covers, magazines, brochures, posters and even photographs. The most noticeable place to me however is the “Wall of Achievements”, the wall I recently named (pats myself on the shoulder). This wall has all the serious work from the designers here, the wall stands right in the corner of our work station where we can constantly reference and easily find inspiration from. What I like about this wall is that no design is alike, each designer handled their project different but in the end produced a wonderful piece to their client. This wall stands out among all the other walls because not only does it decorate the ceiling down to the floor, but it is colorful and it epitomizes what true design is. I haven’t gotten any of my designs posted as yet, but I know when that moment does come, I will be a very very happy man, or should I say, a proud designer.