Webinar 2

Maximizing the value of customer communications: A unified Approach to the Customer Experience 



Darrin Wilen | Unlike many agencies, Wilen New York works as a single team, from concept to creative to production to delivery – a seamless process that enables us to identify strategic advantages every step of the way. That translates to smarter strategy, sharper creative, efficient execution and complete visibility to results.


Mark Cloutier | DMM, Inc. is a 32-year-old transactional document production and direct mail solutions company specializing in business-critical document output, data-driven digital print on demand, transactional printing, direct mail production, fulfillment distribution services and web based solutions.
















In this Webinar, Darrin Wilen mentioned that printing is becoming less popular because web is more accessible, which is why his company focuses on marketing and developing ways to present products and information to customers. Mark Cloutier explains that when the market changes, the business changes as well, so keeping up with the market is very important for a business. Tracking and metrics is a big part of any business; knowing whether the information you provide to customers is effective or not should always be something a business thinks about. Both speakers discussed how businesses, having to compete with other businesses, had to shift into new marketing strategies to stay afloat. They gave statistics about the consumer – business relationship. One that stuck out to me was that “41 percent of consumers say they would consider ending a brand relationship due to irrelevant promotions; an additional 22 percent say they would definitely defect from the brand”. This shows that a customer can easily lose interest in a business if the business doesn’t provide interactive ways to communicate with them. Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, connect with costumers, and to adopt and adjust their business with all the new technologies out today, therefore someone in the company has to be a technologist. Businesses should always talk to their costumers to find out what their needs are not just for today, but 3-5 years from now. This will allow the business to know what to look forward to and how to adjust their business for future success. One of the speakers said in regards to asking for customer input on their business “If you cant track it, you cant measure it, and if you cant measure it, you cant improve it”. He also said that marketers spend half their budget on advertising that doesn’t work because they cant track the impact. Some of the tools to marketing are through email and direct mail (printing), the question is, which one is more effective? Mark Cloutier said it all boils down to relevancy, being able to stand out in your customers minds and being able to track that relationship, which I think is the main idea of this Webinar.