Journal 2

“My Role”


My Role here at the Faculty Commons is pretty much the same as all the other members. We are all responsible for our own individual projects with different clients around the school, but at the same time helping each other by critiquing and to solve problems. During my training, I worked on updating the AIR posters for this upcoming year, I also redesigned the Faculty Commons guidebook, and fetched print projects from the print shop on the ground floor. My first major client is the School of Arts & Sciences; where I’m designing the 2014-2015 Newsletter. Professor Ossola, who is in charge of the the whole operation, has met with me a few times to discuss the goal, and the progress at which I’m at. Speaking with him via email is very important, because this is how we stay on the same page and keep records of dates and other information.

My team has helped me a lot with writing emails and preparing for meetings, and even with my designs. They let me know when something looks great or if it looks horrible. At this point, the newsletter is almost done, I have maybe two more meetings with professor Ossola, where he will finalize my designs. After the newsletter is done, I will need to design an ad campaign using posters and cards to distribute around school for an event that will officially present the newsletter. During that time, I will be working with other clients with other projects.