Cooper Hewitt Museum

“My First Visit”

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This was my first time visiting the Cooper Hewitt Museum and upon entering I was already fascinated. The digital pens made it sooo fun to interact with the displays and to easily capture a digital image instead of having to take a picture from a phone or camera.

One of my favorite pieces was the Clock Prototype. The display of clocks with their many ticking hands was almost hypnotizing and I could hardly take my eyes off them. My second favorite pieces were the Luxo Motion Study from the Disney Pixar exhibit. I grew up watching Disney and whenever Luxo and Luxo Jr. came on the screen I always wondered how they got the animation to work. To see the drawings from scratch, with its wireframes, then the final animations, made me feel like a kid again! My third favorite piece was the Stefan Sagmeister book, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far. This book was a joy to see because I own a copy for myself. So seeing this great book on design in a museum made me feel honored to have one of my own. 

The entire museum was filled with great art that was both modern, historic and eye catching. I also visited the gift shop and fell in love! It was hard to leave, I left and went back (Still didn’t buy anything though). The Cooper Hewitt Museum was excellent, I can’t wait to revisit!