Journal 10


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The first time I saw my posters around school I smiled from ear to ear! I felt accomplished and quite noticed. The only thing I wish I did, which I didn’t know I was supposed to do in the first place, was put my name on the bottom of the poster. When I walk around the halls I see people reading the poster and I think to myself, “I wish they knew I designed this.” Other than that, I’m happy that my work has been seen from students, faculty and possibly visitors. The event for this poster has come and gone but there are still posters that haven’t been taken down yet. Although I got over the excitement of seeing them, it still feels nice to see a few of them on small bulletin boards that that I’m sure no one notices. I ran into the client for this poster on the train one day and she told me how all her colleagues loved the poster and that many of took them home to keep for themselves. THAT MADE MY DAY!