Workshop 1

“Small Business”

I attended the workshop about learning how to start my own business in room N119 on 2/25/16. The program coordinators were Nelly Lliguichushca and Nicole Wright and the guest speaker was Robert Piechota. The workshop went over the 5 steps to know when starting your own business. Step 1 is to have an idea, to know what you want to start, what the plan is and what your goal is. Step 2 is to have a plan, which is to figure out how you want to build the business. Step 3 is to finance the business, which is to get loans, talk to a financial advisor about how much money you will need and how much money you already have. Step 4 is knowing the legal requirements, like logo copyrighting, and registering the whole business. Step 5 is promoting the business whether through ads, social media or word of mouth.

After the slide presentation, we joined groups of three to do a 10-minute exercise that was supposed to demonstrate our mini business and partnerships. My group decided to start a Design Firm that would print graphic messages on clothes in order to bring peace and positive messages to the world. We decided that our completion was OBEY GIANT, who does the same thing we want to do, and we chose Manhattan as our location. We also came up with an estimate of a million-dollar loan that we will need to start. After our exercise, the guest speaker Robert Piechota gave a brief yet highly informative speech on the small business program starter in the school and how we can drop by if we have any business ideas or questions. He spoke about companies like Ben & Jerrys and where they started and where they are now. He made the dream of becoming a business owner come to life.