Social Media Event (Networking)

This event was lackluster for me. It is an event that discusses about networking online and showing your presence. On paper, it is appealing for people who struggles in the social media aspect of our field, such as myself. The event took place in Columbia University. It was hard to navigate around the campus since I do not know it. Luckily, a nice woman of the university showed me the way.

The presentation was great. It told us what makes our profile stand out. What we do is to connect with many groups that interest the same as you and build a community out of it. It is good especially when it is not the same as design; it can be other things and people in that group may want to hire you for a small project. Following people who are followed by the people you already follow. Many other things I have learned throughout the presentation.

After the presentation is where the event falls for me. This was meant to be a networking event for class. But, there was only one speaker who is in charge of the career department in the university. I did talked to her more about making your profile and how much of your work you should have. She told me it should things you do and love, no matter what it is.

I talked to a student of the school with how she should present her novels. I told her that posting a quote on what she is working on can appeal people to read more. A work in progress log can help promote your work while remaining active. Being active in social media is important.

Overall, the event as a networking event was not good. There were only students there and they showed no signs of wanting to interact. The vibe was not there whatsoever. The fact that there was only one speaker made it more difficult to network. The presenter was not even someone within the industry. The event only focused solely on building social media. I would not want to come a second time. My notes I have taken are down below.