Interview Video Project Process

Password: 5559dspGBlO

As recording goes, it was a little bit tough. Finding the right time to do it was hard. Getting the right angle and asking a question with elaborate answers was tough as well. Due to many pauses in between answers. I recorded with my phone, so I had to make sure there was enough room so the interview does not cut off. I made sure there was a voice recording during the entire interview. I wished I was a little closer with the camera and better lighting sources. My subject did answer my questions with open arms.

As far as editing goes, I enjoyed the experience the most. It was my first time ever doing video editing and I enjoyed every second of it. Finding BGM was simple with one youtube search away. My videos came together from my phone and turned out better than I expected. The audio came reasonable hearable. Editing the content to make the interview 3 minutes long was the toughest part of it since I had more than 20 minutes of it. Adjusting the volume and transitions was very fun and is very easy to get in on. Overall, my editing experience made this project one of the most engaging ones I have had this semester and hope to do more stuff like this in the future.

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