Intern Journal Entry 11 7/31/18

Well, itโ€™s been awhile since I written. After the disappointment I had to deal with, I did not had the motivation to write anything in a level head (yeah! I was pretty upset).

Nothing much to really say that I can talk about here since it is classified. So I will write about how work is being done for me.

This is an internship that communicates remotely since they do not have an office yet. I cannot show screenshots as it is also confidential. We use WhatsApp to talk to each other about the organization. Pretty straightforward. We use Google Suite when it comes to sending and receiving files. Each of us has our own emails to keep the emails staying on topic and have nothing personal. And lastly, we use Asana when it comes to assignments that need to fulfilled. I, personally, like the simplistic use of it because it works for everyone and it is nothing complicated to send assignments to everyone without leaving out any important details.

The workflow works well for me since it is not all over the place and the people here keep things as they should. Use whatsApp to talk, Suite to send files, Asana for assigning. With that, I am spared a lot of headaches that I would get from group assignments in school growing up.