Internship Journal Entry 1 2/2/18

After the first day of the class, our assignment was to start our search for an internship if we do not have one already. Unfortunately, I do not have one. The things I need to do to start my search is to have my resume, portfolio and a cover letter. I have not set my portfolio together at this moment and must get it together. My resume has not been updated since last spring and I must add the new skills I have acquired over the year. My cover letter needs to be rewritten. I applied for an internship last year that is in the school, but, I did not get it.

In terms of my search, the first thing I did was to go to the CUNY Service Corps. desk and see if there are any internships I start looking and then look at the class website later. What I have found is the Brooklyn Borough Hall that is offering a graphic design internship. Next, I checked out the “Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow”, but, it would require me to be full time and not be study, so, that is a no for me. I, also, checked Rego Park Green Alliance Studio. I am thinking of applying to this once I have all files I need to put together. I found a student online who has worked there as his internship. He worked as a graphic designer; despite his major being Game Design. His boss later got him in a program (forgot the name) that creates apps. He, then, became the companies programmer. I do hope something like that will happen for me as well.

I will be applying to many internships and obtain at least one before the fifth week of the semester so that way I have something more to write. I am hoping to be a graphic design intern and be introduce to other teams (illustration, video editing, etc.) to help out along the way.