Assignment 2

I come from a normal high school where I do normal studies. I did not really had a background in the design industry because of this. But, I always liked drawing on my free time. It was a good pass time whenever I am bored throughout the day. When it was time to start applying to college, I wanted to find a major that will take what I have been doing to practice. That was when I found graphic design. When I learned what they do, it caught my attention immediately. Drawing is a good skill to have in the industry in the sketching process, especially. As I went through these past 4 years, I do not regret this decision.

My strongest suits consist in traditional illustration, concept, and animation. Animation and illustration comes from my passion to do these things and will help me contribute even more that the average in the industry I feel. Concept is for how my ideas come to play in my work and to keep up with the standards. I want to master other stuff to make myself even more versatile for the industry and others around.

Right now I am a 4th year in the graphic design module. I have gotten stronger with my strong suits and working on others. I want to get better at video editing for example. I am looking for an internship for class and doing my senior project. Along with keeping up with my last electives to graduate. I wish to get through this last seamiest in one piece.

I dream to work in cooperate for graphic design. Working at home is also just as good because they are both stabled. I want to focus on just one brand or company. It feels like I am dedicated to one thing because I believe in it. I want to be able to apply all my other skills to the company I work for and more ways than just graphic design. I want to help with illustrations, video, short animations, and maybe art direction as well. Graphic design is my main focus. I want it to be my strongest suit in my spectrum.

Last weeks class has showed all kinds of ways I can work for. With that, I have found a more elaborate goal after I graduate and start looking for work. I did also learn that there are two types of people: Generalist and Specialist. Based on what I have wrote, I can tell that I am a Generalist. Being one of many things can open a lot of doors which can lead me to my goal. I hope to learn more as the class goes on to know where/who exactly I want to work for.