Rising Star Networking Event

The event I went to was the New School’s APC Rising Stars & Mentors event. It was an panel of 7 creatives on different fields of creatives. Some were advertising, publication, marketing, etc.

Me and a student from our school got lost to finding the event due to how there are many buildings of the New School. So, unfortunately, I got to the event late. By the time I showed up I missed a lot of information the panelist were discussing. From I got when I came in is a name tag pin with my name on it; as you can see below.

The panelist were asked common questions in events like these. How you balance your life and work? Personal Brand? International students? Main tip for youngsters like us. The answers were not anything I never heard before. Confidence is important, your way of identifying yourself to the industry, etc. What was more interesting is their stories which I included in the file below.

Once there was a Q & A, I was ready to ask some questions (which is in the file below). I manage to get one in since there was only 10 minutes left. I asked about freelance work for your secondary passions. I got a variety of answers: Your secondary passions should be included as a skill in your resume so hirers know what you’re selling yourself as. Freelancing your other passions should be something you do a little of mostly on weekends if you really like doing it. Focus on the core of your career (in my case, graphic design).

After that, we went downstairs for refreshments and networking. I networked with Allie Zwirm (Her nametag is down below) she gave me good information. I asked most of the questions I was unable to ask at the panel. I learned about the thinking process of recruiters. If you can do a small project for them as a cover letter or thank you letter, it can help you get noticed. Overall, this event was way better than my previous event; which made it easier to write about.