Intern Journal Entry 5 6/11/18

I started working on the my first assignment being the monthly Newsletter. Just as I predicted, of course. I’m pretty confident with my copywriting when I took some advertising classes throughout the last few semesters even with reports for those classes.

I was given 3 articles to work on. Blood Donation Day, National Selfie Day, World Refugee Day. Since these are monthly issues, I didn’t really expect a lot of spreads being needed. My limitations for these articles is imagery, as we are only to find images that are free of use. I also had to my own research on these articles. I had to learn what the day represents and what people could do on those days.

I think with a few google searches for content to write should be simple enough. As for images, I recently had a friend show me some websites for free high res images; bless her. I’d be doomed if I did not know those sites.