Topics in Graphic Design Short Essay

In week 1 of class, we started off how classes like these usually start; introducing ourselves. When it came to me I said the things I love to do and what I major on; which is, drawing, video editing, and I’m in the Graphic Design major. Everyone else had interesting stuff about them but most of us with the same major. I find it interesting how completely different people with different interest and hobbies can end up picking the same profession. That is something that just naturally happens throughout ones life.

After intros, we started with discussing design styles. Unfortunately, for myself, I am really on top with it, especially with History of Graphic Design not being my highest grade after passing the class. Some of them were familiar to me, such as, Dada. I hope we get to discuss more on such throughout the course. I took notes on those in a form of a timeline across the paper to make simple to understand.

Speaking of notes, we watched a TedTalk video about doodling. It talked about how visuals in your notes make them much more easy to remember. We are visual. Our brains process information better through images or signals. Which would explain why there is little words and more imagery in the streets whenever we drive or walk. Our four of learning is Visual, Auditory, Reading & Writing, and Emotion. I, myself, like to doodle, but, rarely do it for note taking.

We also watched a short film from Pixar called “Piper”. It is about a bird teaching her kid how to get food; by going to ocean when it drifts away and checking shells for food. When the little bird tried once, it did not work out and he did not want to go ever again. He watched hermit crabs go to the ocean for food, but, when the ocean comes through, they sink themselves in the sand. The bird learns this and found a much easier way for him to get food. He stood out from the rest of his kind with this. This film really appealed to me with its visuals and message.

What I want to do in the future is be a graphic designer at a steady firm and do freelance work and commissions for the other things I love to do. I plan to get my master’s in design while mastering fine art and video to do on the side. I feel like this course would just be another step to that ambition. The knowledge I’ll gain and relearn will be the tools to that as well. It is good to learn something twice so it sticks to you.

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