Assignment 5

Madison Avenue

I find it rather interesting about the psychology of advertising. It takes a lot persuade people to do what want willingly. What this article discussed is legends like Bill Bernbach who made anti-advertising. The way he advertised was one that changed the whole idea of advertising. People use to believe that advertising only focuses on cash grabs. His campaign with Volkswagen showed what advertising is capable of. His message focused on having people have the desire to be different from the others. I do agree that it changed the way people advertise nowadays.


Some of these seminars interest me. The Psychology of Illness is one. I do have a side interest in psychology. Truth, Reconciliation and Forgiveness appears interesting as well. History and memory can appeal to some people separately. Social Empowerment through the Performing Arts is a good gathering for performing creatives. Most of these courses can help with advertising. The advertising for these courses would be better if they highlight the accomplishments of these seminars.

The Balance

I like how the article puts away the common view of ad agencies and offers the reader to be educated on how it really works. Clients offer pitches to many agencies to get a contract. These steps relates to strategy statements I would have to write before I do the ads for a class. The interaction between the agency and clients is key. I do believe there would be more repeats of steps 3 to 7 which would prolong the project. I can agree to this article on its accuracy on how ad agencies operate.