Intern Journal Entry 4 6/7/18

It was the first meeting for me as I joined Unity for Equality. It was in the Queens Library on Steinway Street. The people who were there was the president, vice, founder, marketing, etc. The meeting was about many different topics.

We started with the newsletter the organization has for their website. They were behind on their newsletter for May and June. Because of that, it seems that will most likely be my first assignment to work on. The newsletter is a short digital magazine with articles of different days of the month; such as, Memorial Day. Some articles with marketing decisions for companies like Google.

After that, we discussed about the organization’s website. I have some opinion with the website, but, someone in the meeting already voiced them for me. To be honest, the website is not very good. It was designed using Wix. The decisions was what I did not like. The chat is very unnecessary and annoying every time I go there. The header on top of the website takes up a third of the window and it follows you when you scroll down. There will be changes to the website.

Lastly, we discussed about marketing. I was given the organization’s social media to operate. We plan to brand the organization and post what we do. Hopefully, I can put what I learned in my advertising classes to good use.