Cooper-Hewitt Museum

This textile was made in The Netherlands designed by Alek Gaca. It was commissioned in 2000. The materials are cotton, wool, polyester, mohair, and digital jacquard woven. She used yarn to build the textile in dimension. I found this one interesting because the depth it has as it goes down. Also, when viewed further back, you can see a gradient effect in it.

This is one of the Staircase Models that were made in France. It was constructed in the late 18th century and was brought to the museum in 2007. The mediums were joined, planed, bent, and carved pear, wrought brass wire and turned to bone. It is compared as Robert Adam’s 20 Portman Place in London. I find this model interesting because I am a sucker for such architecture. The way the stairs flow through in a curvy style I find to be the most beautiful out of the rest in the exhibit.

This is a catalogue for the American Designers’ Gallery. This was made in 1928, the same year in the American Designers’ Gallery was established. The content of the catalog were showcases of 15 American designers work. One designer being in this catalog, also designed the cover of this by the name of Ilonka Karasz. I like this one because of the color palette and typography. The geometric shapes in the type really stood out to me and it is still legible.

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