Intern Journal Entry 8 7/1/18

Today is a Sunday, a very very hot Sunday. My team head wanted some of us to come meet up in the city for reasons I don’t know at the time. He told to come to a place called Lucky Strikes, which my dumb mind didn’t realize until I got there.

I had my laptop and all my files with me at this point with the organization and writing utensils if I need to write anything on paper. When I went inside, I realized it was a bowling alley and thought to myself “So that’s why it’s called Lucky Strikes!”. I felt like an idiot to myself but acted natural. Thank goodness I did not dressed formally.

So when I met up with the group, they were playing billiards (pool) and decided to join them. I realized, at that point, I never played pool in my life. Video games don’t count (I learned that the hard way). Long story short, I suck.

After all that, we went our separate ways as my colleague had to go to work. I had a good time, at the very least. It did eased some stress I had over the past weeks outside of this internship. When I got home, I decided to get some hours in.