Intern Journal Entry 6 6/18/18

After one week of receiving the assignment, I managed to finish on time. I had to do some edits here and there, but I managed. Here are the spreads I’ve done.Left page of blood donor giving blood. Right page with description on Blood Donation Day A camera by the window with a description on what National Selfie Day is about Blue page with barrages around with a description on what World Refugee Day is about More on World Refugee Day with a Refugee Nation flag design



















My favorite spread would have to be the 2nd spread for World Refugee Day. The layout I went for was to represent the Refugee Nation Flag that was designed by Yara Said. I believed with the amount of content I had left, a 4 column spread flowing throughout the black line in the bottom center will help the reading flow and focus. I did like my fellow colleague’s work as well.