Notes on Mon April 27 Blackboard Session / Exam #2 Announcement

On Monday we discussed the following topics:

  • 1st 30mins: we discussed the upcoming schedule of HWs and related OpenLab posts, and I announced the plan for Exam #2
    • Exam #2 will be a take-home (open book) exam which I will post later today, and will be due Sunday
    • Please join the Blackboard Collaborate session coming up today at 12p, when I will give a preview of the exam questions!
  • 30min-1h20m: we went through some examples of constructing and graphing the probability distribution of a random variables; in particular for the random variables/probability experiments of
    • X = number of heads observed when flipping a coin 3 times;
    • X = sum of two 6-sided  dice
  • 1h20m – 1h45m: we calculated the expected value E[X] of a random variable from its probability distribution

One thought on “Notes on Mon April 27 Blackboard Session / Exam #2 Announcement”

  1. Hi all–just a note that I’m still working on finalizing Exam #2! Sorry for the delay–I’ll post it this evening. You should get a notification when I upload it to Files, and I will also post announcements on OpenLab and Blackboard.

    If you want to get started in the meantime, you can work out the exercise I posted about the probability distribution of the sum of two 6-sided dice, since that is one of the exercises on the exam:

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