Journal entry #8

What a week, being down on myself did not last long; I went from not wanting to celebrate my birthday to having one of the most enjoyable moments with friends. Now back to business, but this week no word from my supervisor; nonetheless there is only one thing to do, and that is to hold up my end of our agreement by dedicating 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays. Eight hours later and I am free, so now I will continue to work on a project assigned by Professor Fikaris without the worry of interruptions. So the project is to design the cover for The Seventy-six Honor’s Convocation. Not really sure what direction to take I started by making a list of studies at City Tech, and words that fit into similar categories. If I wrote design and then photography, from there I would record camera, lens, shutter, iris, flash, and lens flair. I then did a Google search on lens flairs, and I thought that would be a refreshing element to incorporate in my design. I already had my color schemes: blue and yellow the school colors, but I planned to use different shades. I also thought about the first words that come to mind when I think honor. I also searched for an element to represent New York and what better way but to use the skyline. cliché, but whatever I planned to use it in a subtle way. I also incorporated some hard lines and angles to give the feel of energy. Most the elements are on the canvas just have to figure out how to layout the typography, after choosing from two pages of possible combinations of course. That decision will not be made today though because I have been staring at this screen quite some time, and I need to step away; plus my stomach has been talking to me, and ­­­­it is very distracting so until next time, bye.

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