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Sketchbook Practice

This week’s reading, Why You Should Keep a Daily Sketchbook
and read below as well.

Hello Class!

Besides your brain, your sketchbook is the most powerful illustration tool you have!  It is your visual diary. It is the place where you can collect your visual observations and thoughts, as well as practice the foundational skill that underpins the art form of illustration, DRAWING. Remember, this sketchbook is yours! Draw as many pages as you want in it per week. The more you do, the better you’ll get at using your hands, your eyes, and most of all, your mind.

Illustration by Steven B. Reddy.

Every week you’ll get a sketchbook exercise.

Post your weekly sketchbook exercise and any additional sketches you would like to share from that week, right here.

Be sure you:

  • Ensure your sketches face the right way up
  • You photos are clear and easy to read.
  • Categorize your post sketchbook
  • Write a few lines about what you drew
  • Title your post “Week One Sketchbook, Week Two Sketchbook”, etc.
  • Post your sketches before the start of class!

Question: How do you typically use your sketchbook? What do you prefer to draw? What to you want to use your sketchbook for moving forward? Color studies? Inking? Technical drawings? Life drawing? Experimentation?

Please write a brief response below and post it to Openlab.

Sketchbook Week 1: Meet the Artist

Your Sketchbook theme for Week One is Meet the Artist!

illustration by Diana Schoenbrun
illustration by Karla Diaz

Create a meet the artist page for yourself in your Sketchbook! Search for a “Meet the Artist” Illustration. This should include a portrait, objects that are important to you, likes, dislikes, etc. You can either work on this in your sketchbook or on separate paper. If you work in color limit the palette to no more than 5 colors. You can create with traditional or digital media. I suggest working 8″x8″, or 8″x 10″. You can always scale the work down. 

Search #meettheartist on instagram or pinterest to get inspired, and then design one to introduce yourself to the class.  You may use any media and style you feel is appropriate and that you are proficient in!  

You may choose to include any information about yourself in your meet the artist illustration. The content is entirely up to you. See the pdf below (scroll down) for more samples.

Post when complete:



Write your post. Add a Descriptive title.

Choose CATEGORY (bottom right side): Sketchbook


Week 1

Class Info

  • Course Goals: To familiarize students with the field of illustration including its basic working methods, industry practices, basic history, and philosophies. Artistic techniques will be taught as well, however, this is a class focused on concept generation, and the creation of thoughtful illustrations, as opposed to a drawing or painting technical course.



Class Introductions

Everyone introduces themselves!


  1. Syllabus
  2. Materials
  3. Join Openlab
  4. Openlab site overview
  5. Course Structure


Professor’s presentation: Who am I?
Lecture: What is Illustration?   


Introduce Assignment 1: Spot Illustration

Activity: Group brainstorming and word web

Due Next Week

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