Before photography, painting and drawing is how we captured a person’s image.

Your assignment is to draw three portraits. You can draw a person in any view, front view, 3/4, profile, etc. You can focus on just their head or from the waist up.

Who should you draw?

Ask a friend to sit for you, draw a family member, a person on the subway, a park, a train, etc. Try not to worry about getting the portrait perfect or exact. You may want to capture a likeness but you want to create it in your own way. Feel free to exaggerate proportions. Show their emotion. Do not only draw people staring at their phones. If you need to finish it after their sitting session that is fine too. You may want to go back and add details.

Use at least half a sketchbook page for each drawing. Experiment with materials. I suggest spending at least 20 min per portrait. Use some color in at least one portrait.