Let’s continue drawing windows. You are the viewer looking through a “window.”

1. First read through the short comments and review the illustrations from The New York Times article, 17 Artists Capture a Surreal New York From Their Windows.

2. You may use a pencil, ink, or color. Feel free to experiment with materials.

3. Draw a total of three windows. Draw at least one window based on an actual view. For example, you could draw your kitchen window view, bedroom window, coffee shop window, library window, subway window, etc. The other 2 windows are your choice. They could be windows from your imagination. A made-up view; an imaginary magical window view, or a window view that you would like to see, or one that you wouldn’t want to see. There are no limits.

Want to be more playful. What else can be a window? Glasses, a telescope, periscope, peephole, keyhole, etc. You can stretch the idea of what a window is.)

*Make sure to include the window frame. You may include some of the inside wall or wallpaper or room that the viewer is looking out from if you want as well.

3. You will draw at least 3 windows. Use 1 page per window. You don’t have to fill the whole page but I want you to draw your window at least 5 x 5 inches. Label or give a title for each window below the sketch.

4. Post to Openlab.


Write your post. Add a Descriptive title such as Week 2: Windows

Choose CATEGORY (bottom right side): Sketchbook