This class was dealing with microcontrollers (primarily Arduino), sensors, activators and other interactive stuff. Individually and in small teams we were hacking electronic devices, writing codes, and building/soldering DYI projects. It was a lot of fun, especially because I was already pretty familiar with the Arduino and Arduino IDE programming environment. Also, I am fascinated with the Maker Faire and hope to attend this event as a ‘maker’ one day:)

Weekly write-ups:

Week 1 Journal Entry – Hello All!

Week 2 Journal Entry – Awesome Robots

Week 3 Journal Entry – IR vs. PING

Week 4 Journal Entry – Sharp GP2Y0A21YK IR Proximity Sensor

Week 5 Journal Entry – TowerPro SG92R Micro Servo

Week 6 Journal Entry – ATmega328

Work on the Final Project:

Week 7 Journal Entry – Final Project Proposal

Week 8 Journal Entry – My role in the team

Week 9 Journal Entry – Hell Rabbit – Components Unboxing

Week 10 Journal Entry – Hell Rabbit – WaveShield Testing

Week 11 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Hard Code

Week 12 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Circuit Test 1

Week 13 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Code Complete

Week 14 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Cut Open the Rabbit

Week 15 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Final Stages

Week 16 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Final Touches



Week 4 Lab Report – Dissecting/Vivisecting Electronic Devices

Week 5 Lab Report – Dissecting/Vivisecting Portable Multimedia Player

Week 9 Lab Report – Servos

Week 10 Lab Report – Controlling Servo with Potentiometer

Week 11 Lab Report – RGB LED Color Chooser


Final Project Video:


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