Week 14 Journal Entry – Cut Open The Rabbit

This Tuesday we finally moved to the final stage of our project – putting everything inside the bunny. We cut opened the rabbit by making a 3 inch hole under his front right foot, and then we took out half of the body stuffing and all the head stuffing.

IMG_5344After this I cut a small hole in his nose for the PIR sensor, inserted the sensor from inside the bunny and sewed it into the nose through the 2 side holes on the sensor.


The hardest thing is now to figure out how to secure two servo motors inside the bunny’s head. The head is very soft and the servos have a pretty high torque and don’t want to stay in place. Jorge and Frank invented a very good system, which holds two servos together: they are using a piece of cardboard, electric tape and wire to tight everything together. It looks good, and now we have to figure out how to secure this system inside the bunny’s head. Also, we are using two plastic tubes from the ballpoint pens as the antennas to move the ears.


We want to try using a top part of a plastic bottle as the rabbit’s skull. We are planning to make two holes for the LEDs in the bottle and also somehow attach our servo system on top.


So far we are doing good. The goal for the next week is to get everything done with the bunny’s head, so we can move to the rest of the body.

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5 Responses to Week 14 Journal Entry – Cut Open The Rabbit

  1. excellent documentation of the steady progress you are making. Good job.

  2. Yaro says:

    Thank you Professor! Hopefully, we’re gonna be able to solve the servo problem without losing other components:)

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