Week 8 Journal Entry – My role in the team

Our team for the “Hell Rabbit” project consists of three people: Frank Mason, Jorge Lara and myself. Frank is responsible for adding and modifying the code. Jorge will be searching for the additional components that can enhance our project. My role for now is to get all necessary parts and, if possible, test them. However, I think our responsibilities will get blurry in later stages of the work, as we are planning to resolve all the issues together.

The first problem that we encountered before even starting any work, is the size of the bunny. We quickly figured out that the toy is too small to put an Arduino Uno with a Wave Shield, speaker, battery pack and servo motor inside it. We had two choices: to use the Arduino Mini instead of the Uno, or to get a bigger toy. The second choice seemed to be better, so we decided to work in a bit larger scale. Actually, I’ve got the toy today, so here it is:


The new bunny is 15″ long, which means that now all the components can easily fit inside it. The next step will be to get the following components:

  1. Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino
  2. 1 GB SD card
  3. 3″ speaker
  4. Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F IR sensor
  5. TowerPro SG92R Micro Servo
  6. 9V battery pack with on/off switch
  7. LEDs

Also, since this rabbit has bigger eyes, regular LEDs are probably too small to produce a nice effect. So, I’m thinking of using the Clear Casting Resin for the shape of the eyes. I want to make two clear eyeballs with red LEDs inside, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna work or not. Hopefully, we’ll see in a couple of weeks.

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