Week 16 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Final Touches

Just finished sewing some velcro tape onto the Bunny. Here he is in the opened state:

IMG_5397As can be seen in the photo, we put the battery enclosure inside the Bunny’s foot, so we can get an easy access to the battery anytime. Also, the Arduino’s power input and audio plug are facing up, towards the Bunny’s head, so we can easily unplug power or audio cables without taking the entire board out.

Here is the Bunny in its closed state:

IMG_5400As of now, I can say that our project is complete. The only drawback is the non-working second servo. I bought a new one just in case, and was thinking to cut open Bunny’s head today and mess with the servos, but then decided not to do it. Except for this servo, the entire system is working, and it would be too bad to lose everything before the presentation. I will definitely fixe it in January, but now the odds against are higher than the odds in favor.

This Tuesday we are planning to make some changes in our video presentation. We will make a couple of long shots showing how the Bunny interacts with human beings, and add these shots to our video clip. Also, Frank, Jorge and John are working on the final post for our project presentation, which will be done by Thursday.

Tomorrow I’m gonna buy one or two 9V batteries, because the one we were using is dead now. All in all, we are doing good and are almost ready for the final presentation.

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1 Response to Week 16 Journal Entry – Hell Bunny – Final Touches

  1. 37337 says:

    I am HELL BUNNY and hear me RAWR!

    It would be really cool if he could jump, like those little toy doggies that can flip…. I suggest this as a future augmentation that will make hell bunny even more fearsome…

    BTW, have you seen Donnie Darko? If not, I think you might find the parallels interesting….

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