Lab report – Samsung SGH-i6079/4/2014

Title: Samsung Blackjack phone

Objective: Inspect the Samsung blackjack and listing all the buttons/slots and describing their different functions.

Materials: Samsung Blackjack, camera, screw driver.

Method: Close inspection of all sides of the Samsung SGH-i6079 by all members of the team and logging every possible button, port and slots




  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • (shiny metal thing) mirror
  • Battery cover
  • Hidden screws
  • Sim card slot


  • Front speaker
  • Screen
  • Keyboard (QWERTY)
  • Navigation Keys
  • Microphone


  • Power button
  • Strap holder


Right side:

  • Scroll wheel
  • Back/returnkey
  • MicroSD slot

Left side

  • Brightness
  • Volume control
  • Charger port and ear piece port
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2 Responses to Lab report – Samsung SGH-i6079/4/2014

  1. zohaib says:

    Discussion: So I took pictures of the device from every possible angle and every side, I logged all the buttons and labels, but I wasnt able to upload the pictures yet because of no internet access on the phone, so I will be upload them as soon as I get home and connect my phone to my PC.

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