Lab Report UMAX Astra Pix 670

Title: Examining the inner parts of a UMAX Astra PIX 670 Digital Camera

Objective: Discover and record all inside parts of the camera then put the camera back together.


  • Phone (pictures)
  • UMAX Astra Pix 670 Digital Camera
  • Notebook with pen
  • Screwdriver


When I started I removed four screws from the battery compartment, then went on to remove six screws from the rest of the outer casing. I removed the outer case. Then removed 4 screws from the upper motherboard and three screws from the control pad micro controller. I then detached bus cables from control pad micro controller and removed the control pad as well as detached cables from upper motherboard. Removed aperture control mechanism screws then removed screws from lower motherboard. I then removed the aperture control mechanism and remaining circuit boards from casing. Then I detached lens control from plastic housing and finally after documenting I began to reverse the process and put the camera back together.

Data: See Photos on OpenLab

Results: The objective was achieved the camera was safely taken apart and cataloged and then safely put back together.


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  1. Matthew says:

    This was decent post. I just think you need to elaborate more on the results. You add things what did you learn about this product from the way the the components were made. For example did it look like it was rushed, did look like it was cheaply made, could it be easily put back together, etc. Other thing that would be nice to add is what you thought the inside would look like and did opening it up meet your expectations. Overall the post is okay.

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