Blackberry Phone Examination.

Objective: Was to examine the phone by looking at and examine both the inside and outside, and writing down information about it, ex, what each button was used for.

We looked at a blackberry phone and analyzed what it looks like from all sides and inside by take off the back plate, and looked at the phone from the ouside. All we had to do was figured out what each button on the phone did, and press and feel them. Looked at the battery saw what type it was.

The design:

It has a volume up and a volume down button.

Left side of phone:

1 charging port

Also a eaprphone/speaker port.

Micro Sd Card.

Right side of phone:

Camera/flash button.


Center trackball.


Had a button that opened the case.

There was also a built in microphone


Inside the phone was a battery that was made china.

It was a lytheum polymer rechargeable battery 3.7v

35 buttons on the keyboard.

5 buttons for calling people and hanging up.

Are methods were to examine the object (phone) by using are hands to feel and see what each button was used for.

We figured out for the most part what each button and the pieces inside the phone did and were used for.


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  1. Matthew says:

    This was a good post. It had enough information about the specs of the phone although the only thing missing for the results is why you felt the phone was designed the way it was designed.

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