Week 7 Journal Entry – Final Project Proposal

Hell Rabbit

For my final project, I will try to convert this ugly stuffed animal into an interactive toy the “Hell Rabbit”. This toy will be seating in a doorway and triggering people’s proximity with an IR sensor. When a person enters the room, the rabbit will immediately produce creepy sounds and turn the head with the eyes blinking.

To achieve all this, I will need an Arduino Uno (which I already have), a Wave Shield (plus SD card, plus speaker),  one Sharp IR sensor, one TowerPro micro servo, two red LEDs, a power supply, my soldering tools, some velcro, and, for sure, some other things that I can’t figure out now.

For sound effects, I really want to use a couple of tracks from “The Omen”‘s soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith. Is it ok to do this? I hope it’s ok, as long as it’s for fun and not for sale. Actually, I already converted seven MP3 files into WAV in order to use it with the wave shield. When someone enters the room, the rabbit will randomly select one of the seven tracks and play it.

The code for the shield is here. It was written by Todd Miller for the project “Shaun the Noisy Sheep.” I have to change the code a little bit, because I’m adding a micro servo and LEDs to my project. This project also involves a lot of soldering, because the wave shield is not assembled, it comes as a set of components. It should be a lot of fun, and I hope it will be approved.

Everyone is welcome to join!

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2 Responses to Week 7 Journal Entry – Final Project Proposal

  1. stephanie s says:

    The bunny is great! It definitely looks like it belonged to a zombie 0r something!

  2. Yaro says:

    Thank you Stephanie! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to fit all the components inside it, so we decided to use a bigger one. The new bunny looks even ‘zombier’)

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