Week 2 Journal Entry – Awesome Robots

After searching the web for some cool Arduino projects, I found literally hundreds of great videos and tutorials. People are making all kinds of crazy stuff using Arduino: 3D printers, all kinds of robots, interactive musical artwork… even zombie scanners and laser harps! I decided to put some videos on robotic projects here, because I want to make a small robot as my final project for this class.

So, number one in my list is a Fire Breathing Animatronic Pony shown at Maker Faire Detroit 2011. Made using a FurReal Butterscotch Pony, an Arduino Mega, and a Wii Nunchuck, as well as a lot of other components and soldering:

Another great project is a Tree-Climbing Robot controlled by Arduino Uno. I think it’s a brilliant idea to build a robot that can move along y-axis.

My third favorite is The IKEA robot lamp, created using Seeeduino and the Grove Toy Kit. It can detect noise and motion and then, depending on the situation, it plays different messages and moves along 3 axis.

All the projects listed above are way too sophisticated Β and too expensive for me, so I decided to look for something more trivial and found this nice project for beginners:

Line Following Robot

It’s a Line Following Robot, controlled by the Arduino Uno. The hardest thing in this project is, for me, to get access to the laser cutter to make the top and bottom plates and the wheels of this robot. I’m thinking of using the 1.5mm balsa instead of the acrylic plate. Can’t wait to start playing with Arduino in class!

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4 Responses to Week 2 Journal Entry – Awesome Robots

  1. Marcos says:

    which one do you think is most useful?

  2. Yaro says:

    I think, a tree-climbing robot is the most useful, because potentially it can do wildlife research, or some surveillance, or maybe tree trimming.

  3. stevejc says:

    Make a 3d printer that can scan for zombies

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