New York Times review of Belarus Free Theatre performance “Being Harold Pinter” at LaMama. I had been AD, LD and actress there (and was getting crazy:))

Another NYT article about gala-event, in which many american celebrities were participating:

My theatre credits:

Another gala-event in London, UK. Jude Law and Sienna Miller were starring in BFT’s performance “Discover Love” (2010). I had been AD and LD for this show:

One more gala-event in London, UK back in 2008. Alan Rickman, Kim Cattrall, Mark Ravenhill and Tom Stoppard were supporting our theatre:


My short play “It” was included in the European Theatre Convention “Best Plays from Europe’2010” anthology:

Short movie that we filmed in 2011, while drinking lots of wine in a loft in Tribeca:

Documentary about BFT “Staging a Revolution” featured on BBC World News in 2011:

And my main achievement: