Where I’m From…

Where I’m From, we eat Soup Joumou. Soup Joumou is mostly based on a winter squash which is eaten on New Years day (Jan 1st).The slices of squash are simmered in a sauce pan along with potatoes, beef, vegetables (carrots, celery,etc.) and macaroni is usually added in the end during the late boiling process. My mom, aunts, and grandmothers are usually the ones who would prepare this meal during the holidays. This meal brings a rich smell into the air and although it is based on squash due to all the spices put into it there is a very diverse smell and unique taste. When eating this dish it brings me back to the times of being in Haiti and almost gives me a sense of the pride the slaves once felt when they celebrated with this traditional meal. My best memory of eating this dish would have to be when all my family comes together as one and we bring in the new year while eating this dish surrounded by laughter, smiles, and love.

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