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Ernest and Julio Gallo

Name: Ernest and Julio Gallo

Birthday: Julio Born on March 21, 1910 and Ernest born on March 18, 1909

Job: We are the Founders of the E&J Gallo Winery in California

Goal: Our goal is to educate American habits and get them to drink non vintage and inexpensive wines

We created one of the world’s largest and most productive wineries detail our turbulent early lives and our struggle from poverty and tragedy to wealth and success.

It was shortly after Prohibition, in 1933, when we began their winery. The winery is headquartered in Modesto on Yosemite Boulevard.

If it wasn’t for finding the pamphlets about making wine in the McHenry Library we would have probably been out of business by the first year. We were able to get our knowledge about making commercial wine, such as how to have a sound, clean fermentation, and how to clarify the wine.

Gallo Winery became the biggest-selling wine in the United States for the first time in 1960!

–          In 1960 we introduced Ripple, a sweet, carbonated wine

–          1961: Boone’s Farm apple wine is introduced.

–          1967: Andre Cold Duck is introduced.

–          1972: Carlo Rossi brand is taken national.

–          1977: E.&J. Brandy is released nationally.

–          1983: The first vintage-dated Gallo wine, a 1978 cabernet sauvignon, is released.

–          1984: Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers are released.

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Macy’s Day Parade

If you are unsure about what to do for your tourism assignment I would like to suggest visiting the Macy’s Day Parade or even visiting the Upper Westside on Wednesday night to see the parade balloons being inflated. Both are NY institutions.

Let the class know if you call “dibs”!

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I thought this was a great article highlighting the structure of revenue development in the airline industry. May we all fly 1st class one day…

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