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Macy’s Day Parade

If you are unsure about what to do for your tourism assignment I would like to suggest visiting the Macy’s Day Parade or even visiting the Upper Westside on Wednesday night to see the parade balloons being inflated. Both are NY institutions.

Let the class know if you call “dibs”!

A Glimpse into Flying First Class

I thought this was a great article highlighting the structure of revenue development in the airline industry. May we all fly 1st class one day…

WDW College Program Spring 2012

Living Learning Earning

Time to Shine

Who is interested in showing off thier school work to the school?

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My Favorite Photos from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Field Trip

Things to Think About…

What is a the purpose of a blog?

Things to Think About…

Tourism brought $31billion to NYC in 2010.

Thinkgs to Think About…

On average, college graduates make $15,000.00 more a year than workers with a high school degree…

From the National Center for Education Statistics


I recently ate at SD26, it was a great pleasure to enjoy contemporary Italian cuisine in a contemporary NYC location. The food, ambiance, service and price value all exceeded my expectations and provided me a dining experience that ranks among my most favorite.

First the food… As you can tell by the photos, the food was too tempting to wait for the photo to be taken.

The ambiance is contemporary and focused on the food and beverage of Italy. A significant portion of their wine list is available by the glass with selections you cannot find in many other places (some are affordable others are in the luxurious price range). If you go, take a look at the wine wall when you enter the lounge area for their by the glass selections.

Next you will be drawn to the food as the aromas of the open kitchen seep through the dining room. Everything a foodie wants!