Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

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Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101
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Hospitality Management
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Semester / Year
Fall 2011
Course Description

Course Description
An overview of the history, likely direction and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in the local, national and international economy. Examination of the nature and scope of this industry and basic management concepts. Introduction to department mission and interaction with alumni in career exploration.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of HMGT 1101 students will be able to
a. Identify the scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
b. Describe the characteristics of the Hospitality Industry on a local, national and international perspective
c. Outline the duties of key executives and department heads in the hospitality industry and identify property management systems
d. Explain the primary differences between hotel classifications
e. List the classifications of food and beverage operations
f. Describe key management functions


This course was created by: Prof. Karen Goodlad

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