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Richard Brunson passion is cooking; he was born and raised in NYC where the various cultures allowed him to develop an eclectic taste in food. He is an aspiring chef with an unbreakable lust for food and its culture; and he has always enjoyed cooking food. Richard is a great candidate for every opportunity that is offered to him, he is consistent in everything that he does in life and its evident his staggering results. He’s a very respectful and dependable young man, with a clear sense of his priorities. I must admit that he is a good cook and always want to learn more, not only about the process of cooking but about food as well. As he learns and experiences more, he is aware that he has so much more to experience as an aspiring chef. Richard harbors an impeccable sense of dedication which will allow him to be successful in life. He is confident that he wants to be a chef and hope to learn more within his future culinary experiences. Don’t forget to check out his website in the link below!

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Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

Course Description An overview of the history, likely direction and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in the local, national and international economy. Examination of the nature and scope of this industry and basic management concepts. Introduction to department mission and interaction with alumni in career exploration. Course Objectives Upon completion of HMGT 1101 students will be able to a. Identify the scope of the hospitality and tourism industry b. Describe the characteristics of the Hospitality Industry on a local, national and international perspective c. Outline the duties of key executives and department heads in the hospitality industry and identify property management systems d. Explain the primary differences between hotel classifications e. List the classifications of food and beverage operations f. Describe key management functions

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