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Kelly Williams is a very ambitious young lady, who was born in Guyana. She is currently studying towards achieving her goals in life, one among which is to manage her own hotel. Over the years she has acquired some helpful traits to help her be successful in her school life, such as being cooperative, patient, punctual, and how to apply and engage herself in class discussions.

She is very determined to become someone important in life. Fortunately enough for her, Kelly started her academics at a very young age, with much help from her family members and other people who believed in her. She attended Graystock Nursery School, earned her certificate then continued onto Nappi Primary School. Upon the completion of primary school, it was required that she take a Caribbean Exam if it was her dream to go to high school since the community she resided in didn’t had the resources and people for a high school. Kelly’s persistent and constant high grades did pay off because she was awarded a scholarship to attend a high school in the capital city of Guyana, and with great pleasure she continued her education, which finally brings her to where she is now.

Kelly comes to New York City College of Technology to seek assistance from the knowledgeable personnel’s to help and guide her in the right direction to accomplish goals. After thorough research, she was convinced that City Tech was the right college for her, and she is currently enrolled in her major which is Hospitality and Management. She will be studying for 4 years to obtain her bachelors and eventually her doctorate.

Over some period of time she has received awards for her outstanding work in school, subjects such as Mathematics, English and Economics. Kelly tried to keep herself very occupied so as to stay focused, she did job shadowing at hotels and other organizations, which she gained some very helpful insights. She was also awarded a certificate for completing Toast Masters, besides from that Kelly did some volunteer work at pre schools where she thought the students for an entire day. Her favorite things to do are to read about adventurous stories, visit hotels and restaurants, eat cakes and ice creams also making over houses, people whatever is eligible.

Kelly Williams

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Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

Course Description An overview of the history, likely direction and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in the local, national and international economy. Examination of the nature and scope of this industry and basic management concepts. Introduction to department mission and interaction with alumni in career exploration. Course Objectives Upon completion of HMGT 1101 students will be able to a. Identify the scope of the hospitality and tourism industry b. Describe the characteristics of the Hospitality Industry on a local, national and international perspective c. Outline the duties of key executives and department heads in the hospitality industry and identify property management systems d. Explain the primary differences between hotel classifications e. List the classifications of food and beverage operations f. Describe key management functions

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