Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

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    Caviar W.C.

    Full name Winshey Caviar Cazeau, born a Gemini I was automatically a talkative person. I’m smart sometimes mistaken as intelligent, I’m entertaining and diverse I love being a contradiction (to an extent), I’m determined and sharp, and I’m somewhat a conversationalist, socializing wherever opportunity permits which for me was everywhere. Growing up I was always strong in math and science getting almost perfect scores on state tests and academic awards from elementary to high school. High school is a primary turning point in my life because it was a struggle for me not to pass but to take that step into growing up. There are decisions I had to make regarding my future because it just that close, high school to me a test or course to prepare for people the final which for me is college. As a student its my duty to my parents who put me here to make something of myself, leading me to want to major in an area where money was an abundance but personally I wanted to work and be comfortable be myself but still challenging myself academically, socially, and professionally. I started out high school undecided, but my junior year I used to come home everyday and watch, “Take Home Chef” I was interested. The show is about a chef Curtis Stone who randomly walks up to strangers and offer to cook a meal for them. After a few weeks I wanted to be him I started cooking excessively baking and grilling just as he would. I thought about being a chef and eventually opening up a restaurant I researched and looked up majors in culinary arts, the classes and job opportunities and I stumbled onto hospitality. Hospitality was perfect its broadens the line of being a chef into being that and more. It opens the range of jobs available to me and lets me remain sociable and comfortable. My goal now is to aim for more knowledge and experience as they come and eventually become a big industry leader whether its a hotel or restaurant I know will strive to gain both and a casino ;-)

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