Rebecca Charles Where I’m From…

Where I’m from, we eat tennis rolls. A tennis roll is a type of Guyanese bread. I don’t exactly know how they are made, but the best place to get a bag of tennis rolls is Sybils Bakery which is located in Liberty avenue. They are a small spherical bread that has a faint sweet lemony taste to it.  They can be eaten at any time of day but I usually eat them for breakfast. They taste good with just butter, but it is also good with melted cheese and I usually eat them with a cup of tea. Liberty avenue is the best place to get tennis rolls. My family and I love them. My whole family lives in Florida, and there is only one Guyanese bakery there. I have a fairly large family, my grandparents, their 7 children and their spouses, and excluding myself I have 12 cousins. My cousins are always complaining about how the tennis rolls in Florida can’t compare to New York’s tennis rolls. When ever I go to visit I have to bring bags of tennis rolls and other types of Guyanese food that they don’t have in Florida. I am actually going to Florida this weekend, and we already went to Liberty to stock up. We bought 6 packs of tennis rolls to take with us. That will probably last about two weeks. When my cousins and I are together eating tennis rolls we feel very nostalgic and reminisce about when we all lived in New York. Not only are tennis rolls a delicious snack, they also bring back fond memories.


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