Sample Market Photo Essay Submission

My Favorite Fruit?

*97th Street Green Market, West 97th Street and Columbus Avenue

I grew up in Hawaii with my crazy hippie family; my mom, to this day, grows a lot of her own fruits and vegetables.  Bananas, papayas, guava, passion fruit, mangoes, tangerines, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggplant and tomatoes were always on our table. I never really appreciated how great it was to have these products available year round until I moved here to New York City.  A few years ago, my friend Sue, who has a farm in Woodstock New York, gave me a crazy looking tomato; she told me it was an heirloom tomato.  It was misshaped, wrinkled and speckled with odd colors and patterns.  When I got home that evening, I anxiously cut into this strange fruit; it was undoubtedly the best tomato I have ever tasted.  I now look forward to “tomato season” where you can find me scouring my local green market to find my favorite fruit.

*This is a sample of the assignment; the photo is a stock photo

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  1. josehasing says:

    I work in Sunnyside, Queens on the west side of Queens blvd, about 3 blocks away from my job is where the Sunnyside green market is located on 43rd st and skillman avenue. I happened to be walking along with my two little sisters looking for pumpkins for them to bring to their school. Their were a lot of familiar faces from around the neighborhood, it happened to be a Sunday and the vendors were giving out free pumpkins to people. In the Sunnyside green market they have a lot of variety, not only do they sale fruits and vegetables but also fish and a lot of Spanish food as well as dishes from Thailand, Nepal, and other countries. I never knew that pumpkins first start off green then turn to orange, I posted this picture because in the Green market I went two there were a lot of green pumpkins in which a lot of kids drew on too look like witches, this picture happens to looks like a pumpkin with a witches hat.

  2. I decided to go to the Whole Foods Market in Chelsea. The reason I went there was because ever since I was younger I loved the Chelsea area. When I looked on the list I saw that there was a Whole Foods Market in Chelsea, I knew that was the market I wanted to visit. I went there with a few of my friends and bought some fruits. Strawberries are my favorite fruit so I bought a carton of them. Everyone in my house loves strawberries so when I got home I shared them with my family. I didn’t think they were going to be sweet since it is not strawberry season but they were very good. My sisters and I always put sugar on our strawberries, of course we didn’t need the sugar but we put it on anyway. I loved the Whole Foods Market in Chelsea and I would definitely recommend going there. I do believe that now on I would go there to buy my fruits and vegetables because they have great things at a valuable price.

    (I cannot upload a video I will print it out for class tomorrow)

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