Anna Nurse Memo

To: Professor Akana

From: Kert Lasdoce

Date: December 19,2011

Subject: Anna Nurse Memo

Who was there?

When i decided to go to the Anna Nurse Workshop, Chef Michael Ayoub was there. He is the Chef of his own restaurant, Fornino’s. He is well known for his grilled pizzas here in New York.

What did he do?

Chef Ayoub made fresh mozzarella by hand. The cheese was topped with a pinch of volcano salt and a drizzle of olive oil. He handed a recipe sheet for us in case we want to make the cheese at home. The whole process of making the mozzarella cheese amazes me, part of it was I never seen one made from scratch.

How did I feel?

It was my first time coming to a Anna Nurse Demo. This one tho is interesting to me. it seems that cooking demo’s are boring not until the part where you get to taste the food. however Chef Ayoub, kept my attention and interested me throughout the whole demo. I would probably go to one of his restaurants and get to try his other foods on the menu.

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