Where I’m From, We eat Bakes :)

Where I’m from we eat Bakes. Bakes is a Guyanese delicacy that is often eaten with saltfish, or as a bread substitute. It contains flour, baking powder, sugar and water and is often contributes to a breakfast meal. In my family, the women are often responsible for making this dish and ones similar to it such as roti. Despite the name being bakes, when it’s being prepared its fried and to me personally this cooking process makes the house smell like a bakery and the aroma is incredible and mouthwatering. What is even better than the smell is the texture and taste. When it is freshly made the outside is golden brown with a slight crunch to it and when it’s broken into a pool of steam is released revealing its fluffy insides. Once again, INCREDIBLE! My best memory of this dish isn’t of my eating it but of my making it with my departed grandmother. She was my cooking guru that taught me to makes traditional Guyanese dishes such as this one while sharing stories and many many laughs.

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  1. Wow I actually had that for dinner last night lols 🙂

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